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Intelligent water meter is a new type of water meter that USES modern microelectronic technology, modern sensing technology and smart IC card technology to measure water consumption, transfer water consumption data and settle and trade. Compared with traditional water meter, it is a great progress that only has the function of flow collection and mechanical pointer showing water consumption. In addition to recording and displaying water consumption electronically, smart meters can also control water consumption according to contract.

The development of modern science and technology, grid also towards intelligent, smart meters is the smart grid terminal, it compared with the traditional mechanical meters, there are big different, a combination of a number of technical and scientific degree is higher, with intelligent automation, informationization, a variety of characteristics, and powerful, diversity, great convenient the related work, improves the efficiency and stability of power grid operation, optimize the grid services.

A heat meter is an instrument for calculating heat. Working principle of heat meter: install a temperature sensor respectively under through heat transfer fluid ascending tube and pipe, the flow meter installed in the fluid entrance or return line (flowmeter installation position is different, the final measurement results are also different), flowmeter signal is proportional to the flow of the pulse, a pair of temperature analog signal of the temperature sensor are presented, and calculation of instrument acquisition signals from the sensors in the flow and temperature, use the formula to calculate the heat exchange system heat.

At present domestic intelligent gas meter IC card intelligent gas meter, intelligence CPU card gas meter, rf card intelligent gas meter, far eastone direct reading type gas meter (cable remote table) and the wireless remote gas meter (into) the several categories, and with the improvement of people's living standard and life quality, modern family need intelligent product demand, will lead to intelligent gas meter development in the direction of safety, reliability, intelligent convenience.

The company independently researched and developed lithium battery to work with long time microcurrent, stable working voltage, high safety, wide use temperature range (-40℃~+85℃). It ensures the safety, stability and accuracy of intelligent instruments in use.

Utility Meter


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