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Sensor Instruments

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Scientific instruments refer to instruments or devices used in science and technology for experiment, measurement, observation, inspection, etc. A set of devices or machines, usually for a specific purpose. Instrument is usually used for scientific research or technical measurement, industrial automation process control, production and other purposes, generally dedicated to a purpose of the equipment or device. The structure of the instrument is complex, which is a high-tech product and composed of several components.

In the laboratory of scientific research, in medical research and practice, instruments are very important tools and devices for scientific research. With the continuous improvement of China's industrial automation level, the development and update of various new instruments are very fast, which are widely used in the field of industrial production and process control.

The lithium ion battery group independently developed by the company can well meet the technical performance requirements of the special application environment of the equipment. Battery management system (BMS) is designed to monitor, balance, protect and alarm, SOC estimation, health management, display, intelligent communication, data storage and other functions to ensure the safety and reliability of the battery.

Sensor Instruments


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