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Talent is the creator of company value and shareholder value, an important component of the core competitiveness of the company, and the first driving force for the company's scientific development. Our talent philosophy is "respect, hard work, growth, and win-win."

Respect. We provide employees with an inclusive and competitive working environment, respect the individualized demands of employees, value outstanding people, cultivate potential people, and care for employees who are suffering and loyal to the company.

Hard work. We appreciate employees who are committed and successful, encourage employees who find problems, offer ideas, and recognize employees who are innovative and practical.

Growing up. We plan challenging work for our employees, provide a dual-track development channel that combines professional sequence and management sequence, and encourages employees to constantly surpass themselves, so that all kinds of talents can be assigned as appropriate as possible.

Win-win. We advocate the sharing of the win-win concept of business results, inspiring the advanced, spurring the future, creating a win-win situation for individuals, companies, shareholders and society, and achieving the harmonious development of individuals and corporation.

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