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Automotive Telematics

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ETC(Electronic Toll Collection) is the most advanced Toll Collection system in the world. Through the special short distance communication between the on-board electronic tags installed on the vehicle windshield and the microwave antenna on the toll station ETC lane, the computer networking technology is used to settle the background settlement with the bank, so as to achieve the purpose of the vehicle passing through the toll station without parking and paying the toll.

OBU(On Board Unit) is a microwave device that communicates with the RSU using DSRC technology. Due to the strict application environment, the performance requirements of on-board equipment are higher than that of general electronic equipment. When designing intelligent transportation system, the consideration of application environment is particularly important. According to the characteristics of OBU power supply in ETC, discharge requirements in extreme outdoor weather such as winter (-40 ° C) in northeast China, summer (+85 ° C) in southwest China and high humidity (85%RH) in southeast coastal areas should be met. At the same time to meet the requirements of long life, high reliability, safety and environmental protection.

GPS vehicle positioning refers to the application of GPS (global Positioning System) technology to automotive management of a short; GPS has attracted many users with its high precision, all-weather, global coverage, convenience and flexibility since it came into being. Basically, GPS products will provide random on-board power supply, if so, there is no need to worry about "blackout" midway. But if something goes wrong with your cigarette lighter, or if you need to connect it to something else, the built-in lithium battery will come in handy. How long the battery lasts -- how long the navigator can last after the charger is disconnected -- is also a criterion for judging whether the navigator is good or not. The endurance time reflects the energy consumption efficiency of the machine and the comprehensive performance of the machine. When purchasing GPS, consumers had better choose navigators with built-in lithium battery capacity of more than 1000mAh, which can usually provide 7-8 hours standby time.

The company independently develops the lithium ion power supply system, which can well meet the technical performance requirements of the battery in the application environment. The power system is designed with the battery management system (BMS), which has the functions of monitoring, balancing, protection and alarm, SOC estimation, health management, display, intelligent communication and data storage, etc., to ensure the safety and reliability of the battery.

Automotive Telematics


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